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Hoover Dam Roundtrip

A trip to the Hoover Dam creates awe-inspiring memories for many. The 726 foot tall concrete barrier to the Colorado River is intended to control floods; store water for irrigation, municipal, and industrial use; and provide hydroelectric power year-round recreational opportunities, and fish and wildlife habitat. It essentially plays a major role in the existence of the city of Las Vegas. It is certainly worth marveling at this world-renowned structure. Built during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam gave hope to the hopeless, and plenty of construction work. When completed in 1935 after 5 years of continuous hard work in dangerous conditions it was the known as the largest dam of its time. Let Top Limo Las Vegas take you on a journey to witness one of America’s Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders.



Once your chartered limousine arrives at the dam you may take the following tours offered at the site:

Hoover Dam Tour– A 1 hour guided tour, admission to the visitor Center, powerplant & Dam Passageways. During the tour you will see the theater level displays. Inside the powerplant you will experience the penstock viewing, powerplant generators, and inspection galleries. At the exhibit level you stroll down the gallery which houses audio and visual exhibits. You will get a panoramic view of the dam and its surroundings at the observation deck. At last at the street level you will be guided through the Winged Figures of the Republic, the Old Exhibit Building, Nevada and Arizona Spillways, the Nevada Intake Towers and take a walk on Top of the Dam via the sidewalks.

* Dam Tour tickets must be purchased in person and are available on a first come-first served basis.


Powerplant Tour– A 30 minute guided tour and admission to theVisitorCenter and Powerplant. During this tour you will see the theater level displays, the penstock viewing area inside the powerplant and powerplant generators. You will stroll through the Exhibit Gallery as well as the street level displays and exhibits. The street level attractions include the Winged Figures of the Republic, the Old Exhibit Building, Nevada and Arizona Spillways. You will also have access to the observation deck and will take a walk along the sidewalks on top of the dam.

*Tickets to the Powerplant Tour can be purchased here.



*Round trip to the Hoover Dam  with a 1 hour stay is an all inclusive price of $236 in our SUV and $336 in our Stretch Limo.

Call Top Limo Las Vegas at (702) 823-1118 to book your limo for this memorable trip.

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