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As you approach Top Limo’s Lincoln Town Car Executive in a dark setting, you will notice the features such as the exterior coach lights that make your occasion more dramatic by illuminating the body of the limo. On the other hand in a daytime setting you will be pleased to discover the custom limo tint for the sake of your privacy or simply to keep the bright shining sun out. You also realize how the dome lights create a safe exit and entrance during the night and how the illumination aides in fastening seat belts. Just as you get ready to step in, your foot touches a dark colored carpet, which is a relief, knowing how stain proof the dark colors are. There are no worries about visibly soiled carpet during this ride.


As you and 9 other passengers take a seat reaching full capacity, you touch the comfortable charcoal black leather interior and feel content, you are also pleased to see a bench seating for passengers to have a full view of each other. The vinyl top fiber optic star gazing ceiling sets the mood for a luxurious ride. This Lincoln is equipped with a fifth door for a quick exit or entrance for multiple passengers. It is also reassuring to see the soundproof privacy divider window for those private conversations. You continue to accommodate yourself with the convenient air conditioner and heater controls in close proximity. You further feel in control when you see in front of you two flat screen color monitors and DVD and CD player that you have access to. You continue to examine the limousine when you come across the ice chest and the champagne well, the champagne flutes and napkins available for your enjoyment. At this point you feel a sense of appreciation for customer service at its best.


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