Return to Airport

Airport Transfers

Airport Pick-Up

A grand entrance to the City of Entertainment will not be complete without a reputable limousine pick-up. Whether you’re here to have fun or for business Top Limo Las Vegas will be glad to do the honors and greet you and whisk you away to your destination. You need to provide us with the airline, flight number, and the time of arrival of your flight. Your chauffeur will check the status of your flight before arriving at the terminal. Billing time begins when your airplane lands, at this time your chauffeur will arrive at zero level. You will meet your chauffeur at your assigned baggage carousel or if you specify beforehand it can be at your arrival gate. If your flight is an international flight, your chauffeur will meet you at the international gateway. Your chauffeur will meet you with a Top Limo Las Vegas sign with your last name on it or any other name that you prefer and notify us in advance. An Airport Parking Fee of $5 per hour will be charged for a pick-up.



Airport Drop-Off 

As you plan your departure from Las Vegas, whether to go back home or attend a business meeting or to go on a honeymoon, Top Limo Las Vegas will provide you with a spectacular farewell. Before the journey to the airport we need to know the airline that you are flying with, the flight number, and time of departure. For a Terminal 1 departure your chauffeur will drive up to the departure curb located on Level 2 adjacent to Ticketing and Check-In. The Terminal 2 departure curb is located on Level 1 also next to Ticketing and Check-In. Upon Arrival your chauffeur will unload your luggage and set it on the curb, or your rented luggage cart.



Child Safety Seat

For the safety of your children you are required to provide a child safety seat for those children that require one.

Luggage Capacity Per Vehicle

SUV (7 Pax): holds up to 8 pieces of medium sized luggage with a height of 26”.

Stretch Limo (10 Pax): Holds up to 8 pieces of medium size luggage with a height of 26”.

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