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Limo Tips

Limousine etiquette tips are vital for passengers to experience a pleasurable journey in a Top Limo Las Vegas limo. Below are a combination of common sense behaviors and some expectations you should have of your reservation. Let this be a guide for you to get the most out of your trip.


Safe Planning

It is suggested that a higher capacity limo is reserved than the party size which will make for a more safer and comfortable ride. If you plan to consume alcohol in the vehicle you can direct the chauffeur to a liquor store where you may purchase alcohol for you or your party. The company does not provide alcohol for passengers. A request for amenities such as flowers and gifts will be charged the cost of the amenity plus $10.



Be courteous to the driver and make sure you are on time. If you’re late it costs more for you, and the driver may be late for his next charter or may exceed the time of his shift. Clients should notify their chauffeur if they want to extend their reservation. Don’t leave valuables in the limo when not riding in it. Top Limo Las Vegas dos not take responsibility for theft of any personal items. Keep track of your passengers for a safe return or a safe arrival at the destination.


Your Chauffeur

There should be a professional relationship between the chauffeur and the passenger(s). An experienced driver will limit communication and let passengers determine on the amount of small talk. Passengers need to make sure that the chauffeur is not distracted from the road ahead. Drivers will keep their privacy windows up unless there is a reason not to. If gratuity is not included, 20% of the total bill is appropriate. If gratuity is included it is customary to tip in cash for exceptional service. Make sure you get the chauffeur’s business card for future transportation needs or if you forget something in the limo. Don’t forget is it the chauffeur’s duty to open and close the limousine doors; make sure you don’t take away his role.

Proper Behavior

Basic laws that also apply while riding a limousine are underage drinking, drug use, or standing through the sunroof are prohibited. Glassware is provided for special occasions, if the limo is in motion, please use plastic cups provided by the driver and be mindful of the sudden stops and bumps which can cause you to spill your drink.

The following are simply not acceptable behavior in a limousine:

  • Smoking in the limousine is not acceptable
  • Harassing the chauffeur or other passengers is not acceptable
  • Damaging any part of the limo including but not limited to upholstery and entertainment electronics.

Please read Top Limo Las Vegas Reservation Agreement for more details.

Most importantly sit back and enjoy the luxuriousness of the look, the feel, sound system and amenities of the limousine. Book today at 702-823-1118 and let Top Limo Las Vegas shine the light on you on your special day.

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