Top Limo Las Vegas is a family owned and operated company, and as in any family children always come first and the same idea is incorporated into Top Limo’s values that customers come first. As a premier limousine company in Las Vegas, Top Limo Las Vegas caters to an array of clients, from those who are looking to have a good time to those who need to take care of business. The safety of clients is top priority at Top Limo Las Vegas. Top Limo’s limos are fully insured and comply with all regulations.



The Top Limo team makes every effort to create a worthwhile journey for a client. Beginning with a prompt phone call before the reservation, and the chauffeur’s professional composure, to the comfortable atmosphere set in the limo and a safe arrival at the destination. At Top Limo emphasis is laid on accommodating customers to the highest level possible. An ideal temperature in the limo is mandatory for the comfort of the customers, seats adjusted to their liking, music and videos chosen to                                                                       suffice their taste.


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types of limo service

About Top Limo Las Vegas

  Top Limo Las Vegas serves those who are out on the town or taking care of business and visitors seeking a reliable transportation service whether for business or pleasure. Top Limo provides quality transportation for those attending special events, to get them to their destination safely and in style with a client’s best interest …

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Limo Chauffeurs

  In addition, chauffeurs at Top Limo undergo a road test given by the owner to confirm that they are practicing safe and precautious driving habits. Continuous supervision is conducted through the use of surveillance cameras to ensure that drivers continue to be defensive drivers.     Chauffeurs are hand picked with good judgment and …

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Limo Tips

Limousine etiquette tips are vital for passengers to experience a pleasurable journey in a Top Limo Las Vegas limo. Below are a combination of common sense behaviors and some expectations you should have of your reservation. Let this be a guide for you to get the most out of your trip.   Safe Planning It …